How can I tell when a visit report has been changed?

You can see the date and time that a visit report was last changed by looking at the Last Edit details for each report on the Report List screen. This will show you who last made the edit (based on the login information) and when the last edit was made.

For more information on previous changes or what was changed, you will need to download the visit report history.

Note: Downloading visit report history is currently only available for Approved visit reports.

When viewing an approved report's summary screen, select the "Download" button and select "Report History": 

A .csv (comma separated values) file will download (look for it in the bottom bar of the web browser if you are using Google Chrome).

Open the .csv file by clicking on it. This will usually open in MS Excel.

The most recent change is at the top of the list. You can see the following information:

  1. When changes were made to the visit report - look at Column A (titled "Updated At")
  2. Who made changes - look at Column B (titled "Updated By")
  3. What changes were made -
  • Select 2 or more rows that you want to compare
  • On the MS Excel Home menu, go to"Find & Select" then select "Go to Special"
  • Select the "Column differences" radio button and select OK
  • MS Excel will highlight (in grey) the data that is different from what is above it