What hardware do I need to use Sprout?

Minimum hardware requirements:

To ensure that your computer is set up and ready to begin using Sprout, the following minimum requirements are recommended:

  • 8 GB of memory
  • At least 256 GB of disk space


Internet access: 

In order to use Sprout, you will need Internet access. Basic Broadband access is recommended (i.e., download speed of 3 mbps or higher). You can still access Sprout with dial-up Internet access, but expect lengthy download times. Likewise, if you plan to access Sprout using a smartphone or tablet, access will depend on your network or Internet Service Provider (ISP).



All workstations and laptops containing confidential data must be encrypted (full disk). Please refer to DCYF security policies for more details. 


IMPORTANT: Storing hardware:

  • All workstations, laptops, servers and any other devices must be locked when left unattended.
  • Any device that includes DCYF data must be kept secure and must never be left somewhere that it can be easily lost or stolen. Lock it up, keep it out of sight, and never leave it in a State or personal vehicle.
  • Stolen/lost devices or removable media must be reported to both your supervisor and your DCYF contract contact.