How do I edit or update an existing visit report?

A visit report can be updated at any time before it is approved.

Select the "More Details" button on the home screen to navigate to the referral request associated with the visit report you want to edit:


Next, select the "Reports" tab from the referral request summary screen:


You will see a list of all visit reports associated with this referral.

An editable report will display a "Resume" button.

A report that has been submitted for approval will display a "Review" button. Submitted reports can still be edited.

An approved report will display a "View" button. Approved reports cannot be edited unless they are rejected by an Org Admin.

Select a Resume or Review button to edit a report:


While editing a visit report, you can navigate between sections by selecting any of the tabs at the top of the form. If a section is incomplete (meaning a required field has been left blank), that section’s tab will be marked with an alert icon: